So I’ve been having a bad hair day – since the beginning of this year.  (yes, that’s a very long “day”).

Is there anyone else out there who feels the same way?  It seems like the planets are all out of whack or something, and that life has been dragging me around backwards.  Nothing is in control and I have lost focus and I am losing my personality.

I feel like Austin Powers when he lost his “mojo”.  The question is – how do I get it back??

It’s so easy to become part of the landslide – hurtling out of control down the hill, gaining momentum and being completely powerless to get out of it until it stops all by itself.  Or is it really that easy?  Could you stop it?  Could you be in control?  Is it a matter of taking a deep breath, focussing on what you want and going for it no matter what life throws at you?

Perhaps you feel out of control because you have allowed yourself to get to that point?

Does it feel like it takes too much effort to pull things together lately?

You’re not alone – I know how you feel……

Busy-ness – is it all it’s made up to be?

Studies have shown us that we learn more in one day than our grand-parents did in their whole lives.  Whoa!  Think about that.  We learn more in one day than our grand-parents did in their entire lives.  How do we cope with this information overload?  Our brains have to remember so much, absorb so much, learn so much in one day that we are mentally and physically and just totally exhausted at the end of the day.  Were we actually made for this?  Is there a way we can control this hectic chaos otherwise known as our lives?

Another thing is that I am so tired of people telling me “You are the busiest person I know”.  For some reason, we seem to think that we need to be busy to be successful.  Does busy-ness equate to success??  The more we are doing and the more we are involved in, the more important we are?  Or are we really??  What part of this makes sense?

So what is “busy-ness”?  The Oxford Dictionary defines it as “The state or condition of having a great deal to do” or “The quality of being full of activity”.  But does this make us any more important than the person sitting next to us?  Or does it simply mean that we are filling our lives up with so much activity to avoid the reality of life?  Let’s give that some thought….

Reconnect, calm down and remember your purpose

Whatever the reason is that you are so busy, remember to take some time out, breathe a bit and reconnect with yourself.  Remember your purpose.  Why are you here on this planet?  What can you offer to the rest of humanity?  Life is not always and only about you – we all live here together and are an entire ecosystem made to benefit, support and uplift each other.

We are not meant to be so self-absorbed that we forget about those around us.  We are a social being.  We are made to help others and to gain from others.  This is the balance of life.  Imbalance causes unhappiness and throws out your rhythm – and your mojo.  If you lose sight of your goals and your dreams, and forget about the people around you who have stood by you through thick and thin – then it’s time to take some time out and reconnect with yourself.  Rediscover who you are meant to be.  Refocus.

Life is here to be enjoyed.  It is not a competition.  We are here to help others and we are also here to accept help from others.  Everything is about balance.  Give it some thought.

You have value – don’t forget it.  Don’t let the busy-ness of life distract you from your value and your purpose.

Reconnect.  Breathe.  Focus. 

Having a bad hair day is OK – no-one is perfect.  And, there’s a GHD for every bad hair day….Things aren’t as bad as they seem.  Trust me.  You will get through this and you will figure it out.