Do you find that every now and then you have someone in your life that you make all the effort and they never do?  That one friend who you are calling or messaging all the time, and then you have a wonderful chat.  But if you don’t make that first move, they will never contact you?

I have a few people like that in my life and it sucks.  Surely friendships and relationships are not meant to be so unbalanced?  Why would I make this person such a priority in my life when I don’t feel like I am a priority to them?  I am just an option who’s there only when they need something from me.  Other than that, they gaily go on with their life not even bothering that I exist.

This seems like such a negative point of view, doesn’t it?  And for someone who tries so hard to be positive every day, I have no idea how to handle this situation.  It really hurts.  Why do I need to go through this?  What lesson do I need to learn?

Maybe it is not all about me.  Maybe I need to be there for that person more than they realise?  Maybe that is why I have such a strong instinct to make contact with them all the time.  Not because I need something, but because they really need me to be there for them – just to say Hi and find out how they are doing.  Maybe they struggle to reach out?  Maybe things are not quite what they seem?

I guess this is something that I need to figure out for myself.  Maybe I am a priority to them but they just don’t know how to reach out to me?  Maybe they are scared that I will reject them or maybe I give the impression that I am too busy for them? (this is probably the most likely answer)

Shew.  Who knew that there could be so many perspectives or possibilities of one situation?  Sometimes I guess we shouldn’t be so pig-headed and we need to swallow our pride and just be there for that person?  Even though they don’t make the effort.  Maybe they need us more than they are leading us to believe? Maybe it’s our purpose to be there for them, not for them to be there for us? So many questions.  One day I hope I will find the answer, but for now, I know I need to be true to myself and do what I believe is the right thing.  I am going to make contact and be there for them no matter what.  Without expecting anything back.

After all – that is what true friendship is about, isn’t it?