It’s amazing how a pet can creep into your heart and become part of the family.  Before you know it, you can’t live without them.  When you come home you get the biggest greeting with a wagging tail as if you have been gone forever!

I can’t live without the love of a pet.  We had two dogs – Jet and Lucy.  But Jet left us last week.  He had a good innings and eventually his system gave in.  This is my tribute to Jet.

We met Jet for the first time at Animal Anti Cruelty League a few days after we moved down to Cape Town four years ago.  We were living in a big house and decided to get two dogs.  Firstly, because we could offer them a good home with lots of space to play, and secondly so that they could keep an eye on our home.

There Jet was, a beautiful large German Shephard, pitch black, in a bit of a shambles.  He seemed to be quite neglected and a little aggressive, but my husband connected with him immediately and knew he would be a wonderful companion for our family.  They told us he was 6 years old at the time, but the vet confirmed he was more likely to be 8 years old.  He walked with a limp and obviously had some form of old injury on his front paw.  And his joints and hips were not the best and he had clearly been abused previously.

When he first arrived, he wouldn’t eat unless we gave him permission to do so.  And he was clearly not used to any form of love.  But it’s amazing how quickly they respond to love and his beautiful personality started shining through once he realised that we were going nowhere and that our home was his home too.

Jet was such a faithful companion, he would never leave your side and was instrumental in my mother’s recovery from her hip replacement.  He sat by her making sure she was OK the whole day, showing her the same love that we had been giving him. 

We all miss Jet and know that he is in a better place now.  We will miss the walks on the beach, his greeting when we came home.  His love when we sit on the couch watching TV.  No other dog will ever replace him.  This is our tribute to him.  May he rest in peace.