Here’s a short explanation of why I have started this blog……


Life is tough no matter which way you look at it. Your attitude makes the difference between success and failure, happiness and depression, grabbing an opportunity and missing it, reaching your goals or failing.

Many times in life the only thing that you have control over is your attitude – and you can decide to be happy no matter what life throws at you.  Everyone in this world seeks happiness.  It’s like a hunger that drives humanity and for many it seems illusive.

What an amazing day it is when you discover that happiness is indeed self-generated – you are in control of your own happiness.  And this is why I have named my blog “I am my own happy pill”.

My blog will follow a personal journey of me – a nutcase who is a mother of four boys, a project manager for conferences and events, a musician, a very amateur but enthusiastic photographer and a wife – who still has dreams and aspirations.

I have learned through many experiences that it is possible to achieve anything if you put your mind to it – no matter what challenges life throws at you.  Many times you can’t visualise how you will achieve your dreams – but that doesn’t matter.  Believe and never lose sight of your dreams – the “how” will be made clear when the time is right.

Follow my blog to hear of my experiences which, aims to inspire you to take control of your own happiness and achieve your dreams.

So put your smile on and shout it from the rooftops:

By Caro Melnick, a crazy happiness addict.

I am my own happy pill!”